An Unexpected Guest

It was such a welcomed surprise to see a new bird in the neighborhood!  If I had to guess, I say maybe an American Goldfinch, but I am not sure.  I hope he becomes a frequent flyer, not that I don’t love my Cardinal family, and the Blue Jays, but it was just nice to see a new face!  He let me get pretty close before flying up onto one of my mammoth sunflowers.  It’s times like this that I really wish I had my new camera with a mega zoom!!!!



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2 responses to “An Unexpected Guest

  1. Do you have up any bird feeders? Goldfinch are a regular at our feeders, and they'll pluck all the seeds out of your sunflowers. 🙂 They'll also eat many garden pests, so they are great to have around. Once you get one, more are sure to follow!

  2. I have a feeder but I don't have it filled right now. I am trying to encourage the birds to eat my sunflowers…I have about 100 growing all around the edges of my garden. I sure hope he comes back and brings his buddies!!!

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