It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s heeeeerrrrrreeeeee!!!

I placed my order yesterday and was given an ETA of Friday.  I just got confirmation it was delivered at 1:17 pm, TODAY!!!  Less than 24 hours from Amazon.com to my front door!  What is it you ask that has me bursting with excitement?  Why it is my new 23 qt pressure canner!!!

Seriously, I have not been this excited since finding out I get paid vacation time!  Yes folks, it’s the little things in life that make me so happy.  I am so stoked to go home and get to work!  My garden is in need of some serious TLC!  I vended the Philly Folk Festival last Thursday through Sunday, and since I had so much sewing to do I banned myself from going out into my garden.  Yesterday was the first day I spent some time within the wire walls of my dirt haven in 8 long days!  I was instantly overwhelmed by all that needed to be done!  Unfortunately, I was chased out by a rapidly approaching thunder-storm, but I did manage to roast and freeze 2 pans of beets, pull out my old garden beans, along with the spring mix that had bolted.

My sweet sister Jaime from The Backporch Boutique is sending me a new salsa recipe and I can’t wait to make it tonight.  I also have plans to can peaches and make more jam this weekend!  Seriously, I am about to bubble over with excitement!!!

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