Catching Up

I am finally starting to get caught up with my garden.  Well, it is more like my garden is finally starting to slow down.  The end of the growing season is rapidly approaching and it is very bitter-sweet.  Gardening is meditation for me.  I spend hours upon hours lost in thought in my veggie paradise.

I still have a few spring crops to replant, and many of my veggies are still going strong, but I can tell the end is near.  This past weekend I ripped out my dead sunflowers and corn stalks, as well as a row of beans.  I FINALLY got my broccoli to sprout and my peas have emerged from the ground.  Limas are about ready to be picked, and I think I may have seen the last of my zucchini, YAY!  I picked most of my butternut squash tonight, and have about 75% of the weeding done.  I should have everything up to par for pictures in the next few days!

Tonight I had a new experience that I would like to share with you.  A slug somehow managed to move, at lightning speed, and wedged it’s self between my garden flip-flop and my bare heel.  As soon as my foot made contact, grossness ensued!  That was my que to call it a night!



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2 responses to “Catching Up

  1. You might have put your broccoli in to late. i was picking broccoli in early June, and am getting ready to put new plants in the ground for a fall crop. Next year you might want to try getting it in earlier when it's still cool,it doesn't do well in summer heat. i am getting zucchini again! i had a few plants i neglected to put in the ground, and finally decided to plant them in mid July. After pulling all my early squash, i wandered back to check those zucchini and was surprised to find them loaded! i'm just now getting green beans again, and am eager to get my fall garden in. My main garden looks better now than it did all summer. 🙂 Yikes, sorry about the slug incident…ugh!!!

  2. I planted broccoli the first time in early April, then again in May and once again in June…I think I had some crappy seeds. They were 2 years old so this time around I dumped the remainder of the packet and had 3 of them sprout. Finally! hahaI am on my 4th planting of green beens and will probably put in one more. When I pulled my corn it really freed up a large area for planting. :)I was happy to see that I beat the squash bugs this year! When I was collecting my butternut harvest I only saw 3 of them!! I'm sure they will still manage to make their way inside once the weather turns. UGH!!

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