When Less is More

Ever since my pressure canner arrived last week, I’ve been canning like it’s my job!  I. LOVE. IT.  I’ve done tomatoes, peaches, green beans, 3 batches of peach jam, and now tomato soup.  Actually, the soup is in there now, which is why I am still awake!  I have an hour to go, so I figured I would pop in here and share with you all my *sweet* new love.

Seriously, sucanat is AWESOME.  It is the Bomb!!  Tonight I made a batch of spiced peach jam and instead of regular sugar, I subbed sucanat.  It turned out amazing, even better than my regular jams.  Aside from its uber sweetened organic tastiness, I only had to use 1-1/3 cups as opposed to 5-1/2 cups!  Score.  I am hooked and making the switch!



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3 responses to “When Less is More

  1. Can It like you mean it!

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