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Please Stay Tuned

I promise you I have lots of tasty goodness to share!  Yea, yea I know, I said that about 2 weeks ago, and since then I’ve only shown you a picture of sucanat and a spider.  I know big whoop right?!  But I really do have some good stuff in the works!  Honest.  This picture is proof.

See, I told you I was super busy! 🙂  Most rows are 3 jars deep, and some are double stacked.  My kitchen is a disaster and just now in this moment I realized I have something uber sticky all over my knee… I’m guessing it’s some of the peach honey I made and canned today.  Yes, you heard me right, PEACH HONEY!!!  I have a wicked sweet tooth and this stuff hits the spot!

I’ve got several half-finished posts just hanging out in my draft box.  OK, so they are more like a bunch of pictures that need words to go along with them, but that’s kind of the same thing, right?  Well at least it’s a start!

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End of Season Guest

I have an Argiope aurantia that has taken up residence in my bean plants!  I’ve decided to avoid picking those plants to encourage her to stay a while.  I haven’t had a black and yellow garden spider since 07, her name was Gretchen, and she lived in my cherry tomato plant.  She hung out all summer and grew quite large! Clearly, I am overly excited about this common arachnid!

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