Hello Lover

Can I just say how much I am IN LOVE with my new Nikon.  Seriously, I want to make sweet sweet photo love to it!  No seriously, I DO!  If it hadn’t been raining today I would have been off in the woods pretending I’m on location for National Geographic!  haha  Instead, I had to settle for my backyard and garden. 🙂
I think I have a Gea heptagon Orb Weaver living in my hedge.  I have to do a bit of research but I am pretty sure that is what she is.  I was able to get some cool shots of her enjoying a fly.  I uploaded the original file so if you click on them, they should open much larger than shown here.

I’m also happy to see my Black & Yellow Garden Spider has stuck around.  Since the slow and steady rain has softened the ground, I think I will dig up some bugs to put into their webs tomorrow.  I love watching them spin silk around their dinner!!

I replanted sunflowers in August and they’ve started opening.  Unfortunately, they are much smaller than the ones I had last year.  I’m attributing that to the fact it is so late in the season.  This variety is Strawberry Blond, one of my favorites.  I made sure to harvest and dry the heads from last year’s flowers.  Maybe next year I will put in the second planting while the first set is still in the ground. I was afraid the mammoth sunflowers would block too much of the light, and the next generation would not fair well.  I have to see how it works next year.

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