Just Peachy

Part 2: Canning Peaches
When canning peaches, I blanch them, remove the skins, and then slice them.  For instructions on blanching and peeling skins, see this post.  I then made a light simple syrup consisting of 2 C sugar per every quart of water used.  Boil the mixture until the sugar is dissolved and then cook your peaches for a few minutes.  Ladle peaches and syrup into hot, sterile mason jars, and process for 10 minutes at 6 lbs of pressure… at least that is the instructions for my altitude.
Loring have been my favorite variety as far as flavor goes, and are the best suited freestone for canning and jam making.  After hearing my neighbor go on about a variety called Blake, I decided to try them out as well, seeing as how they are named after the father of peaches M.A. Blake an all.  While they aren’t quite as sweet as Loring, they are aesthetically superior!  You can clearly see the Blake peaches are darker in color.  When the light passes through the jar, they glow a beautiful red!

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