Restoring My Faith…

…in the human race. I’m not affiliated with either of the churches listed in the pictures below. As a matter of fact, I’m not affiliated with any church. I grew up attending St Rose of Lima, a Catholic church, you know the kind, kneel-sit-stand, Repent Repent Repent!!! By about 16 I’d had all I could handle of that scene. Last year while working on the farm people would always invite me and the guys, mainly me, to join them during a Sunday service. I would politely decline and tell them…in my best Lancaster County accent “O, we do that at home” Then they just think I’m Mennonite or Amish and leave me alone. But that is enough on that subject.
I’m just glad to see people doing some good. The world grows enough food to feed its inhabitants, unfortunately, it’s getting it to them where in the problem lies.
The second picture is clearly field corn. I would assume the monetary gain of that feed goes to help those in need because it’s pretty F’ed up to feed people field corn.


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