An Unwelcome Change of Plans

Mother Nature decided to throw a wrench into the works this week. Wednesday I had evening plans of sewing and making stuffed peppers. When I arrived home from work I promptly changed out of the 9-5 heals and ventured into my garden to gather peppers. Guess what mess awaited my discovery? Both, yes both of my basil plants, which started to resemble shrubbery due to their enormous size, had been blown over by the 45+ mph gusts of wind that day. Woody stems were snapped and basil was carelessly scattered about.
I had the same sense of overwhelming defeat rush over me as earlier in the summer when a storm knocked down most of my 6 ft ‘mater plants and corn stalks. Luckily I was able to erect them by wrapping jute around my mammoth sunflower stalks and adding several stakes for additional support. This time around all hope was lost. I spent the next half hour clipping, cutting and collecting basil.
Originally I had wanted to make pesto over the weekend, this was no longer an option. Instead I plopped myself in front of my laptop, launched an episode of Hell’s Kitchen and with laundry basket at my side I began plucking leaves from their stems. Just shy of three hours later I was done and my house smelled amazing!!

A pesto post is soon to follow! 🙂

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