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Breaking the Seal

I have an overwhelming fear of botulism, which is why I can EVERYTHING except jams and ‘maters in my pressure canner. Never have I had this happen before, but then again, never have I moved my canned goods from one house to another. When a seal does not set during initial processing, those jars are immediately refrigerated and used. The rest are placed in dry storage which was located in my basement. The new house does not have a basement, so they reside in a very large bathroom closet right off my kitchen, which now doubles as my canning pantry.
Last weekend I was in the mood for some fresh summer peaches. I opened the pantry to get a jar and guess what my eyes did see!
Oops! Guess all the excitement from the move shook things up a little too much! When I pressed on the lid it popped right back up! A clear indicator that the seal was broken. I ALWAYS test my lids after I can to make sure they set, so I know it wasn’t always broken. Plus, if the seal had not set properly after canning I would have had this issue months ago, like in September. I lost a jar of tomatoes as well. My mother discovered that one after I moved in and we were putting the rest of my things away. That bomb was waaaayyyyy too stinky for a picture!!
Now that I have a better idea of what to expect when a canning seal breaks and bacteria enters the environment it’s definitely lessened my fear of botulism. Well, at least a little anyway! 🙂


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