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Admitting Defeat

This is how far I got yesterday on the new garden. Very disheartening! I wanted to be erecting my fence and planting veggies today which is clearly not going to be happening. The problem is I am not strong enough to push the front tines of my rototiller into the tightly knit fabric that is the grass. After 45 painful minutes of my rototiller taking ME for a walk (I don’t give up easily) I decided to move onto plan B and start digging, by hand! I would have spent all weekend removing the grass but thankfully my neighbor took serious pity on me and made a phone call to a guy named Noodle. Don’t ask how he got his name, that’s just what you call him. Anyway, he owns a front end loader and will be stopping by Monday to tackle my grass, AND he is refusing to be paid. I bet he won’t refuse a jar of homemade jam though!!

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