Breaking Ground – Phase 1

Starting my garden all over again has been both challenging and rewarding. It took a bit longer than I had originally anticipated and it was much more work than I had remembered from several years ago! Here is my step by step progression from killing sod to the digging of my fence trench. 🙂

4-1 Staking out the perimeter of phase one, (earth friendly) grass killer applied.
 4-10 Attempt one at removing sod. Total FAIL!
 4-16 Noodle (don’t ask) brings in his front end loader to rip up my sod…then it’s till baby till!
4-29 After several tillings I’m finally ready to dig my fence trench!
4-30 Fence is in, phase 1 complete.
4-30 Phase 2 is well on it’s way!

Next step…PLANTING!!!! 🙂


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  1. i have a blog award for you on my blog! Stop by and pick it up! :)~tree

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