What’s Growing On?

Oh just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Here’s a quick overview of what was planted the beginning of the May.

Bok Choy

Rainbow Chard




Pole Beans

We’ve received quite a bit of rain over the past few days, which has allowed my garden to really take off! I can’t wait to show you how much my plants have grown!!


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2 responses to “What’s Growing On?

  1. Great pictures! Your making me feel really behind! lol. i've had a slow start this year, i have peas and potatoes up, and cold crops but haven't even finished planting beans yet. All my spinach, arugala and romaine bolted and had to be pulled. i did get sweet potatoes in. 🙂

  2. Thanks Tree! Well, I always feel Like I'm behind your planting, so I guess we're even! haha I haven't gotten potatoes in yet and my beans are taking their good old time to sprout. I'm out of space in the garden until the 2nd half gets a good tilling. Someone is to be coming over but they are taking their good ol' time! I've got lots of veggies and herbs ready for transplanting, I'm just playing the waiting game. I may end up putting in some raised beds this year but we will see once I get the rest of the garden tilled. I always feel my growing space it too small!

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