Spirit Crushing Devastation

Mother Nature clearly had a few fireworks of her own planned for Memorial Day. We received approximately 10″ of rain in less than 2 hours, which in turn lead to some SERIOUS flash flooding! There was ground shaking thunder, fire starting lightning, horizontal rain, uprooted trees, washed out roads and that was just on my street! Here are a few before and after shots of the havoc that was unleashed upon the little plot of heaven I call my garden.

5-31 Sunflowers and corn. My second planting of corn has broken ground!
As you can see phase II of the garden is tilled and the fence has been built. It took a bit longer than anticipated since I had a severe case of food poisoning the day before and my stamina just wasn’t there!
Up next, heart wrenching devastation.
6-1 Horizontal Mint
Hail Damaged Sunflowers.
Broken Beet Greens
Botched Bok Choy. Thankfully the remaining plants will be harvested later in the week so I won’t have to keep looking at their punctured leaves!
Swiss Cheese Rainbow Chard
Sad Sweet Corn. I carefully repositioned them into their former upright state.
Broken Onion Tops
You can see from the hole in the ground the 40 degree angle to which my stakes ended up in. They were originally hammered into the ground at least 18 inches!
I could not bring myself to take pictures of the pea trellises that were resting on the ground. I’m crawling into the corner now to lick my wounds.

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