Mine is Bigger than Yours

Yep, that is me standing next to one of my truly MAMMOTH sunflowers! To put it in perspective, I’m two inches shy of being six-foot. This baby is one of three that I am estimating at being right around 14 feet!

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3 responses to “Mine is Bigger than Yours

  1. That's awesome Danielle!! We had one about that size, but the flower head was so big it keeled over. It was shading out all my tomatos so we just took it down. We had to use a saw to cut it down, it was so thick you couldn't pull it. Love sunflowers! 🙂

  2. Only 3 of mine got that tall, the rest are about 8-10 feet. I know I will have to saw down the big ones in a few months. I planted them at the east end of the garden as to not shade anything. When I had rogue ones last year I transplanted them all…something like 60 were growing at random! I think next year I may plant my pole beans at the base of the mammoths…I'm sure none of them will then grow very tall! hahaI have a mix of evening sun sunflowers and I think some may be the chocolate cherry variety you like so much! I've been collecting pictures to do a sunflower post in a few weeks. I'll let you know when it is up so you can tell me if that is what it is.

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