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Sawing Down Sunflowers

Yes, you read it right. Today, I actually had to saw down several of my sunflowers as if they were trees. Four of my mammoth sunflowers reached a record height, for me anyway. They were estimated to have grown to an astonishing 14 feet. They just kept growing and growing and GROWING! You can see a picture of me standing next to one in this post.

They bloomed a while ago, so now their sad leafless heads were drooping and beginning to drop seeds. The time has come for them to be cut down. I have video of me sawing down the last one. I had to fight the urge to yell “Timber” each time! hehehe I also had to be careful as to not step on my newly planted zucchini and winter squash. I am giving it another go and pray that I don’t have a recurrence of bacterial wilt!

The cut heads are now drying on my potting table so that I may harvest the seeds for next year. Who knows maybe these are mutant mammoth sunflowers and will grow even larger next year!! I guess only time will tell!

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