Sawing Down Sunflowers

Yes, you read it right. Today, I actually had to saw down several of my sunflowers as if they were trees. Four of my mammoth sunflowers reached a record height, for me anyway. They were estimated to have grown to an astonishing 14 feet. They just kept growing and growing and GROWING! You can see a picture of me standing next to one in this post.

They bloomed a while ago, so now their sad leafless heads were drooping and beginning to drop seeds. The time has come for them to be cut down. I have video of me sawing down the last one. I had to fight the urge to yell “Timber” each time! hehehe I also had to be careful as to not step on my newly planted zucchini and winter squash. I am giving it another go and pray that I don’t have a recurrence of bacterial wilt!

The cut heads are now drying on my potting table so that I may harvest the seeds for next year. Who knows maybe these are mutant mammoth sunflowers and will grow even larger next year!! I guess only time will tell!

Images and content copyright © 2009-2010 Danielle R Limoge.


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2 responses to “Sawing Down Sunflowers

  1. Love it! i like that satisfied smile at the end! :)i've been leaving most of mine up as natural bird feeders. The birds always help plant them for next year anyhow. i have to take out a couple that had fallen over and were shading out my tomatoes.

  2. I left up my smaller ones (only about 8 feet) for the birds. I still have about 30 more around the property plus the tool house is surrounded with cone flowers. My gold finches are so happy which makes me happy because they are one of my favorite birds!! I will save some of the seeds for planting next year the rest will go into the feeders this winter. I like you also needed to remove some shade from my garden.

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