Wordless Wednesday – DE Dust Cloud

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2 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – DE Dust Cloud

  1. Do you wear a dust mask when you apply it? Yikes. i've used DE a few years ago, but have never really noticed an improvement on the insect pests. What do you use it for, and does it help?

  2. No, I just make sure I am not down wind. Currently I'm trying to rid my garden of the Colorado Potato Beatles that are eating my eggplants and Cucumber Beatles so I don't have another case of bacterial wilt. I think it is working…fingers crossed! I am going into the garden to check tonight. I applied it Monday, I think. I also found a few potato beatle larva, you are right, they're gross!!! I use a garden duster to apply it. It took a few pumps for me to get the hang of using it and to produce a dust cloud and not a straight stream! haha I turned everything white like I broke open a bag of flour!!

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