Garden View – August

OK, did I miss something? How is it already September? When did this happen and more importantly why was I not consulted?
It’s full on harvest season and I am now canning on a daily basis. I haven’t turned my AC on in the past three weeks because it is a waste of energy. Once my canner gets going and I am blanching veggies the temperature in my house rises well over 95 degrees. I don’t know how hot it actually gets seeing as my thermostat only goes as high as 90. I actually have to step outside into the sweltering heat to get any kind of relief!


Here are a few pictures of my garden during the month of August.
The corn stalks were removed mid month as were my mammoth sunflowers. In its place I planted four more zucchini, four Waltham Butternut Squash and four Sweet Dumpling winter squash.


From L-R I have eggplant, pole beans, carrots, beets and chard.


Behind my Rainbow Chard are two rows of beans and then a mess of tomato plants!



On the other side of my maters are my peppers but you can’t see them.


Told you my tomatoes were a mess! I need to get in there this weekend and trim some of the bottom clutter away!


Beets with Carrots to the right


I have mini melons in a container that I may end up transplanting into the main garden. I’ll just dig a huge hole and stick them in as to not disturb the roots!


My first “green pepper” making it’s way to a sweet tasty yellow pepper!


Amish Paste Tomatoes


Yellow Wax Beans.




Hot Peppers!!


Eggplants ready to be picked!


Cream Sausage Tomatoes (that is the bottom clutter I need to clean out!)

Images and content copyright © 2009-2010 Danielle R Limoge.

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