Wordless Wednesday – Dehydrating Fail

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4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Dehydrating Fail

  1. Ewww… what a bummer. 😦 Did you use a dehydrator or oven method?

  2. Totally! I used a dehydrator and it took forever. The book says about 8 hours, took me about 16 and they still ended up molding! I have another jar that is doing fine but I am going to transfer them from a mason to a food saver container that I can suck the air out of. That was about 5 lbs of berries, what a waste!!

  3. Hi,
    What dehydrator do you use? I am looking to replace my very old Ronco one that just bit the dust. Any reccomendations?

    • Hi Jill,
      Currently I use an American Harvest and I love it! If I had additional disposable income I’d get an Excalibur, the square design is more conducive to my allotted counter space. 🙂

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