Fall Garden

My garden is still thriving, at a snail’s pace that is! With the suns current position on the ecliptic plane my row of trees (which are a beautiful shade of red-orange) happen to be blocking most of the afternoon sun.

I took this into careful consideration last Spring when staking out my garden’s perimeter. Since it is my first year at this location all I had to go on was my best educated guess, but I think I did well, especially since it is almost November and I am still picking my dinner on a daily basis! I have plans to extend the garden next year and instead of just expanding West I may make a shift to the North as well. I kicked around the idea of an “L” shaped garden last year, guess I should have went with my instincts.

We experienced our first light frost last week. Fortunately everything survived despite my not having built the hoop houses. I could call it procrastination but it is more like a big fat case of the “fuck-its”.  Honestly, I’m wiped. This season has challenged me with a myriad of gardening obstacles. Spring was cold, wet and moldy. Then it got hot, like real hot real fast. Next we had a horrible drought followed by and onslaught of crop munchers and then a case of devastating bacterial wilt. Now I think I may have some powdery mildew going after my second planting of cucurbits.

The following pictures were taken earlier this week.
Bok Choy
Purple Cauliflower
Rainbow Chard
Egg Plant Blossom
Green Beans
Green Bell Peppers
Ancho Peppers
Purple Beauty Peppers
French Breakfast Radishes
Black Radishes
Romanesco Broccoli
Baby Mesclun
Sweet Dumpling Squash
Hillbilly Tomatoes
L-R  Beans, Peppers and a few tomato plants.
B-F  Peas, Radishes, Beets, Cauliflower, Egg Plant, Butternut Squash and Sweet Dumpling Squash.
Same as above just reverse the order and add zucchini.
L-R  Peas, Bok Choy, Mesclun and Beets.
L-R  Peppers, Beans, Mesclun and Tomatoes.
I’m not very hopeful in harvesting any winter squash. I got them into the ground way late this year. My whole planting schedule was off. Having to restart my garden from scratch took longer then I had anticipated which pushed everything back by about a month! I still had green tomatoes when everyone else had juicy red ones! My peppers were finally ready for picking only about a month ago. I’m not counting on much of a brassica crop either. The days are short and the nights are long which does not make for fast growing conditions.
I’ve started getting ready for next year though, seed catalogs have been ordered. Now I’m just anxiously awaiting the start of the new year when they hit the mail! I’ve also set aside some non-garden area for more herbs and greens. I have tons of perennials scattered about the property, which is nice because I don’t have to think about planting flowers. The remaining designated spaces will hold edible landscaping and sunflowers. Lots of sunflowers!

Images and content copyright © 2009-2010 Danielle R Limoge.



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4 responses to “Fall Garden

  1. Wow! Your garden still looks great! Frost took out most everything here. i have one tomato plant and a couple peppers covered by a hoop house still hanging in there. My swiss chard, kale, lettuce and spinach is making a comeback now that it's fenced in. 🙂

  2. Wow! I wish I could grow as many fresh vegetables in my backyard, but space is limited. I hope to start a small one next year. Good luck harvesting!

  3. Thanks ladies!Tree, I'm still debating my hoop houses. I may just build one to protect from frost but I just can't decide if it is worth the effort. I'm goign to pick up some squash from the farm so I have that handled. I'm going to harvest most of my green tomatoes this weekend for salsa and chutney. My brassicas and peas will be fine in the cold…maybe I'll just wait till Spring when I build my cold frames.Melissa, Have you looked into container gardening? I'm not diligent about keeping up with the watering since everything dries out faster but you may want to try it since you are limited on space.

  4. your garden still looks awesome!mine is pretty sad, with the exception of my fall crops:)

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