Food Store Super Score Rambles

It’s no secret that I grow most of my own food; I also cook everything from scratch. At times that can be a real pain in the ass, especially when hunger pangs are in full force and instant gratification is nowhere to be found! For me grocery shopping is not a weekly or biweekly ritual, it’s more like a once a month event. If anything I frequent the local Mennonite/Amish food stores to stock up on non conventional flours, natural sweeteners, TVP and the like.

Last weekend I held my annual FNS, Fall Nesting Session. During this time I go through EVERYTHING in my house purging and simplifying my acquired stuff in preparation for winter. (I do this in the Spring as well.) I happened to find several Fall inspired squash and soup recipes that I had squirreled away over the course of the Summer. Of the needed ingredients there were a few not found in my pantry. So Monday after work I headed out with list in hand for a bit of errand running. The first stop was Rhubarbs Natural Market to stock up on immunity boosting goldenseal extract and skin nourishing safflower oil. While aimlessly wandering the isles I happened to notice the organic free-range chicken and organic veggie stocks were on sale for half price, SCORE! I then ventured over to the regular food store for bananas, oj and condensed milk only to find organic beets and carrots on super sale, DOUBLE SCORE!! Unbenounced to me the produce sale had actually ended which was why the self scan was not discounting them. Apparently someone forgot to take down the sign so they had to honor it anyway! Makes me wish I had grabbed a few more! I’m definitely heading back to Rhubarbs later this week to pick up more chicken and veggie stock. That is one cooking staple I love having on hand during soup season!

Seriously, I’m still excited over my unintentional bargain finds!


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