Cross Post Handmade Holiday – Felt Food

We all know those people who (when eating) won’t allow their foods to touch or intermingle. Yes, I too find it annoying, but I get it and why it works for them. Truth be told I’m the same way at least when it comes to doing what I do. That my friends is why I have three different blogs. I have this need to compartmentalize different areas of my life.

Today, I’m throwing caution to the wind and crossing all kinds of lines. Today, I’m going to share my recent crafting adventures on my organic gardening/food blog. It does deal with food, but of the felt persuasion.

I believe wholeheartedly that less is more and natural is better, especially when it comes to children and their plastic playmates. With the exception of books, every toy I’ve given to my (almost 4-year-old) niece has been made with love by me or by the hands of another artist.

About a year ago Cece received a kitchen play set and about 10 lbs of hollow plastic play food. I decided to make her some felt food. Not only did she LOVE it but it’s usually the first thing she pulls from the cabinet! This year I kept up with my felt food tradition and created the following items:

Eggs, bacon and toast. Bacon features both raw and cooked sides.
Six “flavored” tea bags and lemon wedge, so she and Grammy can enjoy their morning tea together!
Cecelia’s birthday is in March. I’ve already began thinking of veggies I can create for her to grow in her very own “garden”. I think I am more excited over this than she will be! haha

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