My Awesomeness is a Brand

Okay, so technically it’s not really ME, but it is my name; their products are all natural and totally awesome, so that has to count for something, right? There’s even mention of farming…um hello?!? Danielle Snacks awesomeness is further displayed by their charitable contributions to programs that educate and feed children. Be still my little heart! I am so treating myself to one of their cotton shopping bags, which happens to have my name on it AND arrives full of chips (double score), and helps to feed and educate less fortunate children.

Earlier today I purchased their honey banana chips along with the royal sweet potato chips. I wish the spicy carrots were available because I am dying to try them! I’m completely enamored with their chip bag art! Simple and stunning, no? Seriously, I want little giclee prints to hang on my wall!

**Disclaimer** I was in no way compensated by Danielle Snacks for rambling on about their product. But should they feel the need to add me to their fruit & veggie chip tasting panel I would happily oblige.

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