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Desktop Calendar

Bees, honey, greens, brown, what more can a girl ask for in a desktop calendar? Oh yeah, it’s FREE! Just head on over to Anne Bryant Creative and download yours! You will BEE so happy you did!

I don’t like to publish more than one post, per blog, per day. I think it has something to do with my OCD. Honestly, there is only so much *crazy* I can choke back and suppress during the course of a day that something is bound to slip! If it happens to bee my one post a day rule, so bee it. I can totally live with that!  You know the cause has to bee pretty important for me to break my self-imposed neurotic nonsense cycle!

Most everyone who knows me is very well aware of my personal plight to save the dwindling bee population. Mainly because I corner, hog-tie and make them listen. No seriously, my soapbox is always at the ready!  I’ve already mentioned my participation in The Great Sunflower Project (which I know you all have signed up to do) so now you can go to THIS site to receive your FREE pollinator friendly planting guide. So do it, NOW, bee-fore you find me standing over your bed whispering subliminal bee messages into your subconscious! Mwahahahaha


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Dirt Therapy

You how sometimes you just need it, and by need it I mean NEED IT! That undeniable feeling is especially strong for me after a long cold Winter, and Sunday I got my fill in the form of six glorious hours of uninterrupted dirt therapy! Several times throughout the day I caught myself smiling. I was saturated in bliss, completely content. I wasn’t hungry or tired or sick; I was satisfied in mind, body and especially soul! You want to know the best part? It’s just the beginning!

The garden before anything went down. (that is old potting soil in the middle, not poop!)

I was delighted to see one of my Swiss Chard plants had overwintered, safely hidden underneath some dead leaves.

Overwintered broccoli, not sure if it Romanesco or Green Sprouting…guess I’ll find out soon enough!

Beautiful tilled Earth. I just wanted to roll around in it; I refrained seeing as how my neighbors think I’m weird enough as it is!

My garden is FULL of worms; I couldn’t resist sitting down and “playing” with a few!

My salad garden bed, something new this year.  What was an area of “wasted” space containing ground cover and an old dead tree-like stump, now holds several varieties of  lettuce, bok choy, and as of yesterday a tee-pee of  golden sweet peas.

Bok Choy

Tom Thumb – quite possibly the cutest lettuce ever!

Lettuce Mix

Alaska Bush Peas – planted with seeds saved from last year’s harvest.



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