Desktop Calendar

Bees, honey, greens, brown, what more can a girl ask for in a desktop calendar? Oh yeah, it’s FREE! Just head on over to Anne Bryant Creative and download yours! You will BEE so happy you did!

I don’t like to publish more than one post, per blog, per day. I think it has something to do with my OCD. Honestly, there is only so much *crazy* I can choke back and suppress during the course of a day that something is bound to slip! If it happens to bee my one post a day rule, so bee it. I can totally live with that!  You know the cause has to bee pretty important for me to break my self-imposed neurotic nonsense cycle!

Most everyone who knows me is very well aware of my personal plight to save the dwindling bee population. Mainly because I corner, hog-tie and make them listen. No seriously, my soapbox is always at the ready!  I’ve already mentioned my participation in The Great Sunflower Project (which I know you all have signed up to do) so now you can go to THIS site to receive your FREE pollinator friendly planting guide. So do it, NOW, bee-fore you find me standing over your bed whispering subliminal bee messages into your subconscious! Mwahahahaha

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