Squirmy and Wormy

I’ve had a fascination with worms ever since I was a wee sprite.  My mother would tell me stories about how she would be outside gardening, and with every dig of the shovel, there I was poking around in the dirt collecting the worms.  This she did not mind; however, the fact that I would then place my new-found “friends” into the pockets of my overalls was another story!  Worms and washing machines are not a good combination and I still get flak for it to this day!

Now that I am older I no longer carry my “pet worms” around with me, but I am still very intrigued by them and all the wonderful things these small slimy creatures are capable of.

Oh, red wigglers, I ♥ you! 

I try to not disturb and annoy them too much, but I just can’t help digging around in their bin.  The rate at which castings (worm manure) are being produced is quite remarkable!  Last Sunday, I was adding some veggie scraps to their bedding and I decided to give the bin a good mixing.  I pulled out a handful of compost to inspect my friends (I want happy, healthy worms!) and discovered two worms completely entwined with each other.  At first I wasn’t sure what to make of this scene.  It looked as if they were fused together resembling an X with a large swollen middle.  I just stared at them wondering what was happening and then it hit me.  Brown-Chicken-Brown-Cow, they were doing the hanky panky!  It really was quite a sight to behold!  I felt as if I should put on a little mood music to the tune of Marvin Gaye!  Looks as if my worms are definitely pretty happy living in their current environment!

I will be harvesting my worms (and compost) around the end of the month.  The worms will be placed back into their container with fresh bedding and the compost will be used in the garden.  I plan on conducting several experiments regarding the use of vermicast, so I’ll be sure to let you know of my findings!

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