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Preserving Corn: Part 1 Freezing

I prefer to can certain vegetables.  Green beans is one of them.   Before I got my pressure canner, I would freeze them, but once defrosted, they always developed this white film from what I’m assuming was the result of blanching.  It kind of grosses me out (a lot, actually).  Corn, on the other hand, is a vegetable that I always freeze.  Canned corn tends to lose some of its flavor.  And since sweet corn is one of my favorite summer veggies, flavor loss is a big no-no!

Freezing corn is a super simple and relatively quick process; however, that can rapidly change depending on how much you are putting back!  The first thing you want to do is shuck the ears and remove as much of the corn silk as possible: a soft bristle brush can help with that task.  Once your ears are clean, you are going to blanch them in a large stock-pot of boiling-water for 3 minutes, then transfer to an ice-bath to stop any further cooking.  Once the corn is cool-to-the-touch, use a large sharp knife to cut off the kernels while being mindful to not remove the cob in the process.

I have found that holding the ears vertically and sliding the blade down the side works very well.  I tend to do this over a cookie sheet; that way, I can just scoop the corn into bags, label, and freeze.

AND don’t toss those cobs out just yet!  Up next is an old-fashioned “Waste-Not-Want-Not” post for putting those leftover cobs to good use!

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