Weekend Projects

Sun-kissed skin and sore muscles, my definition of the perfect weekend!  The past two days were absolute bliss, especially since I was able to spend most of it outside.  Not only did I organize my garden shed, sow radish seeds, get my indoor seeds started, and weed the flower beds, but I pulled my first harvest of the 2012 growing season!

Some furry little creature made a cozy nest in the shed.  They also ate the sunflower seeds I was saving!

Laundry on the line and seeds in the dirt!

My kale plants are thriving, all 10 of them!  I definitely see some kale chips in the near future!

Overwintered mustard greens.  Had I known they would be surviving the mild winter, I would have put more in the ground!

First harvest of the year: French breakfast radishes, yellow and white carrots, and a black radish!  I put two rows of carrots in the ground late September that received too much shade, so they never got big enough for harvest… ’til now!


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4 responses to “Weekend Projects

  1. hey danielle! this is awesome!!! i’m pretty much brand new to the cool weather crops and this just made me really excited. so question for the garden pixy that you are, can you always overwinter the root crops or was it just b/c of the mild winter? i think we’re about similiar growing temps but i could be wrong. i’m still in awe that my garlic is popping up like mad, i still haven’t quite put my head around the whole overwintering thing.

    • Hi Heather! Your garlic is right on schedule! You absolutely can overwinter root vegetables in the ground for harvesting throughout the winter and into the spring! It is recommended that you cut back the tops, leaving an inch or so, and then cover with a thick layer of mulch (4″); honestly, I just let the tops die off, which helps keep the ground warm as well. You then remove the mulch, harvest what you need and then recover the remaining veggies. The only thing you have to be careful of is critters munching your crops, which happens (something was pulling up my baby carrots), and the greens regrowing and bolting when it gets too warm. Most root vegetables tend to set seed quickly in their 2nd year, so you will want to harvest them before they bolt and become bitter! 🙂 And I think you’re right about our growing climate, CT is not much different than PA! If you have an questions this fall just let me know!!

      • thanks! we’re just doing garden boxes and live in a pretty densely populated area- so far the only critter i’ve had to worry about is my kitty. i have chicken wire over all of my boxes to keep her out 🙂 ps- we just finished last summer’s fridge pickles. they are such a hit around here!

      • I’m glad the pickles went over so well! Between the dill and cajun, I have a scant gallon still in my fridge! I LOVE them!!

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