New Garden Construction

I wanted to share with you my 2013 gardening adventures.  Originally I had planned to do this during the month of December, kind of as a year-end wrap up, but that never happened.  Oh well, what better time than the present, right?

So much has happened over the past… year?  I’m not even sure where to begin.  I thought about making one giant post; however, that felt very overwhelming.  Just thinking about trying to squeeze an entire year into one entry makes me want to run away screaming.  Then, I thought about breaking it up into several small posts, but that seems like it will take forever, especially since I barely find the time to write regular seasonal posts.  So, I’m just gonna go with the flow and see what develops!

The first thing I’m excited to share with you is my garden!  After my last move, I left behind a glorious 80×30 growing space.  Knowing that my boyfriend is VERY fond of his monoculture of grass I was going to have to take what I could get, if that was going to be anything at all!  After weeks of debating size and location, and even tossing around the idea of a community plot at Horn Farm Center, conveniently located right down the road, I finally had a 16×16 plot for my veggies to call their very own!

garden-staked out wmb

The construction of my garden became more than I had imagined.  Goodbye variegated rabbit fencing that barely protected my tender plants from oh-so-hungry critters, say hello to shiny new picket fencing!  My garden project is about 85% done, the gate still needs built and the chicken wire needs attached to the fencing.  This and another coat of stain will all be done this Spring.  We (and by we I mean he) simply ran out of time last summer.  I was in charge of the staining, the boy and his buddies did the excavation and building.  To be quite honest, I was just happy to be able to dig in the dirt, despite having to replant beans 3 times with no success!  This is where the chicken wire will become a lifesaver; several times last season I saw baby bunnies squeeze their cute little bodies through the fence when I approached the garden.

garden-sod removal wmb

Originally, Jase was going to apply grass/weed killer, but knowing how anti-chemical I am, he appeased me and removed the sod.  🙂  Since our backyard is on a slope the guys had to level out the garden so that all the fencing went in straight.  This meant lots of back-breaking work due to one end of the garden is sitting on top a bed of rock.  However, having crappy soil did land me the best gift ever…

garden-soil wmb

Three giant scoops of the best mushroom/screened topsoil this side of the river!  Best. Present. Ever.

Images and content copyright © 2014 Danielle R Limoge.

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  1. Very nice Danielle, I know you are elated to have your own garden again! I would like to find a community garden so that I could have a plot to work in and save some money growing some of my own veggies (and flowers) !

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