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That time I stopped blogging for several years

Friends, it has been far too long! It’s not like I haven’t thought about you or wanted to share all of the exciting, life-changing events that have taken place over the past two years, because trust me, I have! It’s just that my time is no longer mine. I share it, and everything else, with this little human. Meet Emersyn Renee, aka Emi or M.


My labor began July 1st around 3:30am and M was born the following morning at 1:19. I pushed for about 15 minutes and she was out! It was far from easy, but our 12 week Bradly Method childbirth class had us more educated and prepared than most laboring parents. I achieved my drug-free, natural birth, which was a personal goal for as long as I can remember. I could not have asked for a more supportive partner or had a more perfect birth (we really had to fight for it). And I’m never doing it again! Spoken like a true mother of a toddler. She is hell on wheels folk. HELL. ON. WHEELS.

I could go on and on about her and our life, but this is not, nor will it become, a mommy and me blog. I’m sure from time to time I will share snippets of our life along with a few photos, but I’m a very private person and plastering the web with pictures of my kid kinda freaks me out. But that’s enough rambling from my slightly neurotic mama-brain.

In other news, I bought a house last fall! It is a cute little gnome home, just like all the previous ones I seem to gravitate towards, but this time it is all mine! Talk about anxiety-inducing debt! Over the past few days I’ve really begun organizing my thoughts on garden layout and now the seed starting is about to commence! I know I will have to start off small but as M gets bigger so will my gardens!

I’m so excited to be back, even if it is only part-time! There are over 40 half-written posts squirreled away in the publishing que, just begging to be finished. Slowly but surely they will make their way onto these pages! Until next time, friends.

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