Spoon Butter

There are two seasons of the year when I add to my arsenal of wooden cooking utensils, festival season and the holiday season. Being someone who creates handmade items, I understand the amount of time invested in those pieces, so keeping my spoons, boards, and spurtles looking as beautiful as the day I brought them home is a must! I’m going to let you in on my magical little secret, it’s called spoon butter. Not only will this glorious concoction keep those wooden utensils in like-new condition, but it will also do wonders for weather-ravaged hands!

spoon butter wmb

I have found that a ratio of about 3.5 parts oil to 1 part wax works best when using coconut oil, since it melts at 76°F, creating a smooth spreadable butter. To make spoon butter place a medium sauce pan on the stove and add about an inch or so of water. Using a wide-mouth mason jar add your oil and then the bees wax. Bring water to a slight simmer so the bees wax begins to melt, stir occasionally. Once the mixture is fully melted allow it to cool so the wax sets. I keep the jar in the pan as to not chance splashing hot wax around.

For my spoon butter I use bees wax pellets, so I don’t have to grate a large bar of wax. In the past I’ve used mineral oil, but after a bit of research I felt really uneasy about using a petroleum product on items that would be in contact with my food!

Slather a coating of spoon butter on your wooden spoons, cutting boards, anything made of wood and in need of a little love. Let the spoon butter work its magic overnight; in the morning, using a dry cloth, give everything a gentle buffing. The spoon butter creates a protective barrier allowing your cherished wooden tools to ward off staining and cracking!

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2 responses to “Spoon Butter

  1. Danielle, I speak for myself as well as many other subscribers to your blog in saying how happy we are to once again see you back to posting. I have really missed your posts. Looking forward to seeing more of what you are up to in the coming years.
    This is a great post on spoon butter, I for one have a whole lot of wooden spoons and utensils as well as cutting boards and never really know quite what to put on them to keep them nice. Now I have something new to try. Thank you!

    • Hi Mitchell, Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so happy to hear my readers are still around and interested in seeing what I’ve been up to. It is nice to be able to once again do what brings me joy, even if it is only in small blocks of time! Thank you again for your loyal readership!

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