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That time I stopped blogging for several years

Friends, it has been far too long! It’s not like I haven’t thought about you or wanted to share all of the exciting, life-changing events that have taken place over the past two years, because trust me, I have! It’s just that my time is no longer mine. I share it, and everything else, with this little human. Meet Emersyn Renee, aka Emi or M.


My labor began July 1st around 3:30am and M was born the following morning at 1:19. I pushed for about 15 minutes and she was out! It was far from easy, but our 12 week Bradly Method childbirth class had us more educated and prepared than most laboring parents. I achieved my drug-free, natural birth, which was a personal goal for as long as I can remember. I could not have asked for a more supportive partner or had a more perfect birth (we really had to fight for it). And I’m never doing it again! Spoken like a true mother of a toddler. She is hell on wheels folk. HELL. ON. WHEELS.

I could go on and on about her and our life, but this is not, nor will it become, a mommy and me blog. I’m sure from time to time I will share snippets of our life along with a few photos, but I’m a very private person and plastering the web with pictures of my kid kinda freaks me out. But that’s enough rambling from my slightly neurotic mama-brain.

In other news, I bought a house last fall! It is a cute little gnome home, just like all the previous ones I seem to gravitate towards, but this time it is all mine! Talk about anxiety-inducing debt! Over the past few days I’ve really begun organizing my thoughts on garden layout and now the seed starting is about to commence! I know I will have to start off small but as M gets bigger so will my gardens!

I’m so excited to be back, even if it is only part-time! There are over 40 half-written posts squirreled away in the publishing que, just begging to be finished. Slowly but surely they will make their way onto these pages! Until next time, friends.

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The Numbers Are In

294.  That is my “unofficial” jar count for the 2011 growing season.  I say unofficial because sometimes I gift a jar (or two) before I remember to write down how much a recipe yielded; other times, I just forget all together.

This year’s number is slightly less than what I had anticipated, but then I remembered I did not put up beans (thank you cucumber beetles) or whole tomatoes (due to having quite a bit left over from 2010).  Had I not cooked-down most of my tomatoes into sauce, and had not fought the worst bug battle to date, I’m sure my jar count would have surpassed 2010’s unofficial count of 342!

Here is a glimpse into my just-off-the-kitchen, perfectly polished, meticulously arranged, and precisely labeled dry storage/canning pantry.  In my dream home it would be an entire room!!!

What you don’t see is my upstairs closet packed pull of the remaining jars!  I couldn’t get a decent picture, so just imagine 19 dozen more jars neatly packed into ball half boxes, all labeled and dated!  Yeah, you could say I’m a little neurotic.

And encase you were wondering what delectable goodies fill those jars in waiting, I’ve got the rundown of what went into last year’s canner.

SAUCES & CONDIMENTS: vanilla maple & plain applesauce, spicy & plain pasta sauce, ketchup, and bbq sauce.

SOUPS & STOCKS: tomato-garlic, 10 bean, split pea, vegetable stock

JAMS, JELLIES & MARMALADES: strawberry-rhubarb jam, clementine marmalade, grape jelly, quince jam, love apple jelly, tropical peach jam, tomato jam, malibu peach jam, corncob jelly, vanilla-pear jam, raspberry-apricot jam, raspberry jam, cherry-vanilla jam, yellow tomato jam, apricot jam, white grape peach tea jam, and strawberry-blueberry-rhubarb jam.

CHUTNEYS & FRUIT BUTTERS: vanilla bean peach butter, quince-apple chutney, peach-apple butter, rhubarb chutney, and spring conserves.

PICKLED: chard stems, radishes, and dilly scapes.

SALSAS & TOMATOES: tomato salsa, peach salsa, summer salsa, stewed tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, and tomatillo salsa.

FRUITS & VEGETABLES: carrots, roasted eggplant (it’s almost pickled), beets, and peaches.

Yep, I think that covers just about everything!  I may revisit this post (at another time) to link the recipes.

After skimming over all of those tasty titles, you may have noticed that a large number of them have yet to make it onto the blog.  Lets just say I’ve got plenty of future posts at the ready!  Who knows, maybe this will be the year I finally catch up… but I wouldn’t bet the farm! 😛

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Call off the search party!

I’m still alive.  My sincere apologies for the lack of activity on the blog and facebook page.  I made a career change several weeks ago, which has taken up much of my, well, life.  My days now begin at quarter to 5 and don’t slow down for the next 14 hours.  When I finally arrive home, the last thing I want to do is stare at a computer trying to focus my exhausted brain.

I have quite a few posts in the works, including more bread, some canning, and a mesh produce bag giveaway once I hit 200 blog subscribers… and that is only 2 readers away!  So don’t go anywhere!

So, until we meet again, my dear readers (which will be soon, I promise) I leave you with the best video in the “Shit –>insert group here<– Say” collection!  I’m still laughing about it!!

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2012 Produce Calendar

Now that the holidays are behind us once again, the time has come for transitioning back into the comfortable hustle of everyday life… and regular postings!  Last night I wrapped up my 2011 canning activities with grape jelly and clementine marmalade.  I’m so excited to begin tallying my jar count; I have a strong feeling I put up more jars in 2011 than ever before!

I wanted to share with you a free printable calendar packed full of produce love by Cottage Industrialist.  I fell in love the minute I laid eyes on it!

So, welcome 2012, it’s nice to meet you!   I’m really looking forward to all that you have in store for me this year.  Especially the new and exciting opportunities that will present themselves as the year unfolds!

Content copyright © 2009-2012 Danielle R Limoge. Image copyright © (2011) Cottage Industrialist

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Eat More Kale Giveaway

Unless you have been living under a rock, and no judgement if you have, I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the legal battle taking place between Bo, of and Corporate Goliath Chick-fil-A.  Even the governor of Vermont has gotten involved!!  Bo is a one-man screen printing operation, located in Montpelier, Vermont, who for the past ten+ years has encouraged people to “Eat More Kale” by way of his t-shirts and stickers.

Chick-fil-A is threatening to block Bo’s federal trademark application and shut him down.  This is not the first time they have gone after him; in 2006, Chick-fil-A demanded he stop printing t-shirts and send them his inventory to be destroyed.  Their reason for doing so is based on slogan confusion.  Chick-fil-A’s slogan is “Eat Mor Chikin” and they feel that “EAT MORE KALE” will confuse their customers and take away from their profits.  Lame.

All of Bo’s t-shirts are created one-at-a-time, using hand-cut stencils, H2O based black ink, and a squeegee.  You can read all about it on his about me page!

Now for the giveaway!  Bo is offering one of my awesome readers their very own “Eat More Kale” t-shirt.  In order to qualify for this give away you must complete the mandatory entry first!

**This Giveaway is now closed**


Head on over to and tell me which shirt color and style you like best.  For me, it’s the organic natural with Eat More Kale… or maybe FARM.  Talk about tough decisions!!  Leave a comment with your choice.

For additional chances to win, you can do any or all of the following:::

Like One Green Tomato on facebook.  Leave a comment telling me you did so.

Repost this give away on your facebook page.  Leave a comment telling me you did so.

Like Eat More Kale on facebook.  Leave a comment telling me you did so.

Let me know you favorite way to enjoy kale, or tell me you don’t like kale.  Leave a comment telling me you did so.

Sign up to follow One Green Tomato with your preferred blog reader.  Leave a comment letting me know you did so and what feed reader you use.

Sign the petition to stop Chick-fil-A from bullying small business owners.  Leave a comment telling me you did so.

That is a total of 7 chances to win one of Bo’s awesome t-shirts.  Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry you complete!  The giveaway ends December 16th at midnight and the winner will be announced the following morning!  Good Luck and remember, Eat More Kale!!!

Congrats to Heather for the winning comment!  You have 48 hours to respond to my email or another winner will be chosen.


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Christmas, at Easter?

I think one of my Christmas cacti has Seasonal Dissociative disorder!  Typically, mine always bloom in December, which is a very welcomed splash of color during those cold gray winter months.  Apparently, this one has decided to start blooming to the beat of its own drum; I think its internal clock has gone rogue! 🙂

Images and content copyright © 2009-2011 Danielle R Limoge.

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Desktop Calendar

Bees, honey, greens, brown, what more can a girl ask for in a desktop calendar? Oh yeah, it’s FREE! Just head on over to Anne Bryant Creative and download yours! You will BEE so happy you did!

I don’t like to publish more than one post, per blog, per day. I think it has something to do with my OCD. Honestly, there is only so much *crazy* I can choke back and suppress during the course of a day that something is bound to slip! If it happens to bee my one post a day rule, so bee it. I can totally live with that!  You know the cause has to bee pretty important for me to break my self-imposed neurotic nonsense cycle!

Most everyone who knows me is very well aware of my personal plight to save the dwindling bee population. Mainly because I corner, hog-tie and make them listen. No seriously, my soapbox is always at the ready!  I’ve already mentioned my participation in The Great Sunflower Project (which I know you all have signed up to do) so now you can go to THIS site to receive your FREE pollinator friendly planting guide. So do it, NOW, bee-fore you find me standing over your bed whispering subliminal bee messages into your subconscious! Mwahahahaha

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My Awesomeness is a Brand

Okay, so technically it’s not really ME, but it is my name; their products are all natural and totally awesome, so that has to count for something, right? There’s even mention of farming…um hello?!? Danielle Snacks awesomeness is further displayed by their charitable contributions to programs that educate and feed children. Be still my little heart! I am so treating myself to one of their cotton shopping bags, which happens to have my name on it AND arrives full of chips (double score), and helps to feed and educate less fortunate children.

Earlier today I purchased their honey banana chips along with the royal sweet potato chips. I wish the spicy carrots were available because I am dying to try them! I’m completely enamored with their chip bag art! Simple and stunning, no? Seriously, I want little giclee prints to hang on my wall!

**Disclaimer** I was in no way compensated by Danielle Snacks for rambling on about their product. But should they feel the need to add me to their fruit & veggie chip tasting panel I would happily oblige.

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Rodent, You Had Better Be Right

I am pleased with the rodent’s report; Puxatony Phil did not see his shadow! Translation, we can expect an early Spring. Hallelujah! However, judging by the looks of things outside one would assume otherwise. I should really hold my tongue on this issue, especially since last year I talked smack on Phil and we were bombarded with 3 back to back blizzards during the month of Feb. After a slightly bitchy conversation with Farmer Josh he owned up to being partially responsible for one of them. That made me feel a little better.

I will admit, it is a bit difficult to be garden planning with all this snow and ice on the ground! At least a warm fire and a mountain of seed catalogs is a welcomed distraction from the world outside!

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Paying It Forward

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), or sometimes knows as honey bee depopulation syndrome (HBDS)  is nothing new. In fact, similar events have been recorded as early as 1869.  However, it wasn’t until the time-span of 1972-2006 that the dramatic reduction in feral honeybees in the US was really noticed. Did you know that feral honey bees are now almost non-existent in the US?

CCD is when worker bees up and leave the hive. No one really knows why this phenomenon takes place or where they go. A few theories, such as Varroa mites, environmental changes, pesticides, and migratory beekeeping may explain why this is taking place. There is a similarly shocking decline happening to 4 of the 50 species of  bumblebees. Bumblebees use something called buzz pollination which enables them to spread pollin by simply landing on a flower.  This drastic decline in bees is detrimental to our food chain because so many plants depend on bees for pollination.

I love bees, from a distance of course (I’m allergic) and honey is one of my all time favorite foods. Seriously, I eat it by the spoonful! Did you know that consuming local honey can actually help people with seasonal allergies? Well it can and does!

Several weeks ago, Dog Island Farm, posted about The Great Sunflower Project. They were offering to give away 5 packets of sun flower seeds in hopes of creating additional awareness about this devastating decline . I was selected as one of the lucky recipients for a packet of seeds. As luck would have it, I received two packs (apparently not many people entered to win) so I’d like to pass the extra packet along to one of my awesome readers!

For your chance to win you must complete the mandatory entry first. Mandatory entry, leave a comment about this post. For additional entries you can do one or all of the following, repost this on your Facebook page, then comment letting me know you did so. Sign up to follow One Green Tomato with your preferred RSS reader, then leave a comment stating you did so. If you already follow me make sure you update the feed with the new WordPress address. Sign up to receive email notices when new posts are available, then comment letting me know you did so. Retweet this post, leave a comment including your Twitter id. Reblog this post, leave a comment letting me know you did so.

That’s 6 possible chances to win. The contest will end Jan 28 at midnight. The winner will be chosen shortly there after using’s number generator. Good Luck and the bees thank you! 🙂


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