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Paying It Forward

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), or sometimes knows as honey bee depopulation syndrome (HBDS)  is nothing new. In fact, similar events have been recorded as early as 1869.  However, it wasn’t until the time-span of 1972-2006 that the dramatic reduction in feral honeybees in the US was really noticed. Did you know that feral honey bees are now almost non-existent in the US?

CCD is when worker bees up and leave the hive. No one really knows why this phenomenon takes place or where they go. A few theories, such as Varroa mites, environmental changes, pesticides, and migratory beekeeping may explain why this is taking place. There is a similarly shocking decline happening to 4 of the 50 species of  bumblebees. Bumblebees use something called buzz pollination which enables them to spread pollin by simply landing on a flower.  This drastic decline in bees is detrimental to our food chain because so many plants depend on bees for pollination.

I love bees, from a distance of course (I’m allergic) and honey is one of my all time favorite foods. Seriously, I eat it by the spoonful! Did you know that consuming local honey can actually help people with seasonal allergies? Well it can and does!

Several weeks ago, Dog Island Farm, posted about The Great Sunflower Project. They were offering to give away 5 packets of sun flower seeds in hopes of creating additional awareness about this devastating decline . I was selected as one of the lucky recipients for a packet of seeds. As luck would have it, I received two packs (apparently not many people entered to win) so I’d like to pass the extra packet along to one of my awesome readers!

For your chance to win you must complete the mandatory entry first. Mandatory entry, leave a comment about this post. For additional entries you can do one or all of the following, repost this on your Facebook page, then comment letting me know you did so. Sign up to follow One Green Tomato with your preferred RSS reader, then leave a comment stating you did so. If you already follow me make sure you update the feed with the new WordPress address. Sign up to receive email notices when new posts are available, then comment letting me know you did so. Retweet this post, leave a comment including your Twitter id. Reblog this post, leave a comment letting me know you did so.

That’s 6 possible chances to win. The contest will end Jan 28 at midnight. The winner will be chosen shortly there after using random.org’s number generator. Good Luck and the bees thank you! 🙂



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Decisions Decisions

You would think that deciding on something so simple as a blog banner would be easy. I mean seriously, it’s virtually identical to the one I had on Blogger, just with different pictures. Yet somehow it took me forever to make. Sigh. Sometimes I can be so indecisive with the most trivial of details!

I made several others but I think I like the one I have in the my header now the best. What do you think?

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Monday Morning Musings

I so need this on a t-shirt!

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Another Passion = Another Blog

I’ve been entertaining the thought of separating my crafting adventures from my kitchen adventures… or in some cases catastrophes.  I have yet to decide if this was a good idea, especially since I already have an overwhelming amount of www-dot *stuff* going on.  But then I figure, heck what’s one more commitment to the online community??  Sometimes you just gotta throw it out there and see what happens!  So here it is, I’m putting it out there… cause that’s just how I roll.

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