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Spoon Butter

There are two seasons of the year when I add to my arsenal of wooden cooking utensils, festival season and the holiday season. Being someone who creates handmade items, I understand the amount of time invested in those pieces, so keeping my spoons, boards, and spurtles looking as beautiful as the day I brought them home is a must! I’m going to let you in on my magical little secret, it’s called spoon butter. Not only will this glorious concoction keep those wooden utensils in like-new condition, but it will also do wonders for weather-ravaged hands!

spoon butter wmb

I have found that a ratio of about 3.5 parts oil to 1 part wax works best when using coconut oil, since it melts at 76°F, creating a smooth spreadable butter. To make spoon butter place a medium sauce pan on the stove and add about an inch or so of water. Using a wide-mouth mason jar add your oil and then the bees wax. Bring water to a slight simmer so the bees wax begins to melt, stir occasionally. Once the mixture is fully melted allow it to cool so the wax sets. I keep the jar in the pan as to not chance splashing hot wax around.

For my spoon butter I use bees wax pellets, so I don’t have to grate a large bar of wax. In the past I’ve used mineral oil, but after a bit of research I felt really uneasy about using a petroleum product on items that would be in contact with my food!

Slather a coating of spoon butter on your wooden spoons, cutting boards, anything made of wood and in need of a little love. Let the spoon butter work its magic overnight; in the morning, using a dry cloth, give everything a gentle buffing. The spoon butter creates a protective barrier allowing your cherished wooden tools to ward off staining and cracking!

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