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Garden Growth

Just a little photo tour of what’s growing around the property.

My “leafy greens” garden bed.  In the back (L-R) is a lettuce lovers delight mix, Flame Lettuce, and Tom Thumb.  Next 3 rows are Bok Choy, which will be ready for harvesting in another week or two, as will some of the lettuce!  It’s hard to tell from this picture, but I have succession plantings of bok choy and tom thumb.

Close up of my tom thumb lettuce, which is a butterhead variety.  Fully matured, they will be the size of a baseball.  Perfect sizing for a single salad!  An added bonus is they are pretty heat tolerant and slow to bolt, so with careful planning and placement, I should be able to grow throughout the summer!

French Breakfast Radishes, then Bloomsdale Spinach, Chioggia Beets, more Tom Thumb, then Black Spanish Radishes, flanked by Golden Sweet and Amish Snap Peas on trellises.  Once again this year I’m trying out yet another type of trellis, it looks similar to chicken wire, only larger.  Notice the imprinted dirt on either side of the sprouts?  That is my designated walk way.  It is important to not compact the soil by stepping where your seeds will be growing; this allows their developing root systems to move through the ground with ease.

Sugar Pod 2 Snow Peas, this particular variety is a bush pea and does not need trellising.  I have additional rows of lettuce mix as well as Imperator Carrots from my seed tape in this photo, but due to their extremely small size, they are not visible.

Violetta Cauliflower, Green Sprouting Broccoli, and Romanesco Broccoli.

Overwintered green sprouting broccoli starting to bud.

Cream Sausage Tomatoes.  I may be slightly premature in planting them due to our official “frost-free” date being May 15th, but I’m all about taking chances.  In the event of frost I can always cover them!

My cream sausage tomatoes are already fruiting!!

 My Russian Red and Blue Curled Scotch Kale transplanted to their new garden home.

 And because 14oo square feet in the main garden is not enough, I’ve decided to add more! 🙂


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Dirt Therapy

You how sometimes you just need it, and by need it I mean NEED IT! That undeniable feeling is especially strong for me after a long cold Winter, and Sunday I got my fill in the form of six glorious hours of uninterrupted dirt therapy! Several times throughout the day I caught myself smiling. I was saturated in bliss, completely content. I wasn’t hungry or tired or sick; I was satisfied in mind, body and especially soul! You want to know the best part? It’s just the beginning!

The garden before anything went down. (that is old potting soil in the middle, not poop!)

I was delighted to see one of my Swiss Chard plants had overwintered, safely hidden underneath some dead leaves.

Overwintered broccoli, not sure if it Romanesco or Green Sprouting…guess I’ll find out soon enough!

Beautiful tilled Earth. I just wanted to roll around in it; I refrained seeing as how my neighbors think I’m weird enough as it is!

My garden is FULL of worms; I couldn’t resist sitting down and “playing” with a few!

My salad garden bed, something new this year.  What was an area of “wasted” space containing ground cover and an old dead tree-like stump, now holds several varieties of  lettuce, bok choy, and as of yesterday a tee-pee of  golden sweet peas.

Bok Choy

Tom Thumb – quite possibly the cutest lettuce ever!

Lettuce Mix

Alaska Bush Peas – planted with seeds saved from last year’s harvest.



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