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Wordless Wednesday – Harvest

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Ode to Zucchini

When first I had a garden

And I planted a zucchini,
The seedsmen said that it would grow –
Of that they’d guarantee me.
So, since I had a lot of room
I planted six or seven –
In hopes that I would shortly be
In high zucchini heaven.
You should have seen the way they grew –
So strong they were and healthy.
If summer squash were in demand,
They would have made me wealthy!
We ate zucchini many ways . . .
For breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
But even so it always seemed
Our harvest grew no thinner.
Zucchini bread, zucchini cake –
At first the prospect tickled.
We ate them fried. We ate them stuffed.
We even ate them pickled!
We sliced them. We pureed them.
We ate them raw in salads.
I lived with them so much
I even wrote zucchini ballads!
We gave them to our neighbors.
(Our supply, it seemed, was endless.)
But them our neighbors all rebelled –
We feared we’d soon be friendless!
Zucchini sticks for snacking and
Zucchini wrapped in pie crust . . .
Until at last I drew the line –
Zucchini flakes for breakfast??
So now I’ve learned my lesson.
From frustration it will free me.
You’ll never ever find me
Planting more than one zucchini!
– Andrew Daughters

Due to the recent outbreak of bacterial wilt that is running ramped through my cucurbits, I am down to one zucchini plant! However, due to the prolific fruit producing nature of this plant, I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m hiding zucchini in unlocked cars and the like!

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Squash Fail

I’m not sure what happened but two weeks ago one of my spaghetti squash plants started to not look so good.
Clearly it was contagious. That sad leafy mess was spaghetti squash plant number 2.
Then one of my zucchinis followed suit.
Saturday after I returned from market I pulled the diseased plants. Hopefully it was done in time to stop any further contamination.
My current concern, should the plant remains be composted?

Images and content copyright © 2009-2010 Danielle R Limoge.


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Coming Out My Ears

If you are growing one zucchini plant you know what I am talking about.  I on the other hand have 4.  What was I thinking!?!  My mother gave me a cookbook a few years ago specifically geared towards zucchini and squash.  I know I will be trying out many of the recipes before the growing season is over!

Zucchini Sticks

3 Med Zucchini

1/2 C Wheat Germ

1/2 C Finely Chopped Almonds

1/4 C Melted Butter
1/4 C Parmesan Cheese, Grated
1/2 tsp Salt
Slice zucchini lengthwise into fours, then, lengthwise into halves to form sticks.  Each zucchini makes about 16 sticks.  In a med bowl, roll about 8 sticks at a time in butter until evenly coated.  With a fork, transfer to a large bowl filled with dry ingredients.  If you are feeling lazy (or avoiding extra dish washing time) you can use a plastic bag… shake to coat.
Lay (not touching) on an ungreased cookie sheet, bake at 350 for 17-20 minutes, or until crisp and tender.

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